Established by my parents, Phillip and Elaine Cross, in 1961. After my mother passed away, in 2016, my father and I became joint owners. Together we continue to produce dogs of the best breed type. This is a photo of the three Miniature Pinschers that started Minelphi. 

Aust. Ch. Shumah Kiltie (IMP.UK) , Aust. Ch. Pindom  Lady Fiona (the dog in the middle) and Aust. Ch. Shumah Perry (IMP.UK) a Black and Tan dog with (normally) lovely erect ears.

Shumah Kiltie and Shumah Perry were imported from the UK in 1961 and Pindom Lady Fiona was bred by Harry & Margaret Spira from some of the original Miniature Pinschers that were brought into Australia in 1958.  

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