Minelphi is a highly successful prefix that was established by my parents, Phillip and Elaine Cross, in 1961. They bred Miniature Pinschers for over 58 years. My parents started out in the breed with a dog from the late Dr Harry and Margaret Spira.

Minelphi has produced in excess of 50 champions, 3 Grand Champions and Supreme Champion Minelphi I Am On Fire.

When Minelphi was transferred to me in 2014 I went back to the start of the alphabet and introduced a new tradition. Now the registered names of Minelphi puppies, not only begin with the same letter but include a word that connects the litter.

My first litter was born on the 1st September, 2014. After my mother passed away, in 2016, my father and I became joint owners. On 28th December, 2022 my father passed away. He was 88 years old.

This is a photo of the three Miniature Pinschers that started Minelphi. 

Aust. Ch. Shumah Kiltie (IMP.UK) , Aust. Ch. Pindom  Lady Fiona (the dog in the middle) and Aust. Ch. Shumah Perry (IMP.UK) a Black and Tan dog with (normally) lovely erect ears.

Shumah Kiltie and Shumah Perry were imported from the UK in 1961 and Pindom Lady Fiona was bred by Harry & Margaret Spira from some of the original Miniature Pinschers that were brought into Australia in 1958.  Ch. Minelphi Calamaty Jane was produced from these imports and even today far in the background of the pedigrees of the top show stock, her name will be found. 

In the early days, the drop eared Miniature Pinschers was more prevalent than the erect eared dog, even though both are equally correct. Many drop eared dogs, did extremely well in the show ring, and it was a surprise when the American Min Pin Specialist Dr Buris Boshell (used to the American cropped ears) judged in Australia in the early 70’s chose a dropped eared dog, Ch. Minelphi Black Knight as his Best of Breed from a record 52 dogs. 

These days it is rare to breed a drop eared dog and many of today’s judges would never have seen one. Ch. Minelphi Amazing Grace became the first Chocolate and Tan Champion in Australia and Ch. Minelphi My Kind of Girl was the first Chocolate and Tan Grand Champion in Australia. 

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